Thank you for taking the time to registering for our 2022 Skyhawks Flag Football Season!  We are excited to get our young athletes back on the field this summer and look forward to another fantastic season!


  • Li’l Hawks ages 4/5
  • Tyke ages 6/7
  • Atom ages 8/9
  • Peewee ages 10/11
  • Bantam ages 12-14


Our flag season is running at 2 separate times for different age groups.

Peewee & Bantams will be playing this summer in July & August with a one day tournament at the end of summer.  Games will be played at Eastside Secondary School on Wednesday Night from Wednesday July 6th to Wednesday August 24th with a year end one day tournament on Saturday or Sunday August 27 or 28th.

Game times on Wednesday will be Peewee 6pm & Bantam 7pm

Li’l Hawks, Tyke & Atoms will be playing this fall in September & October with a one day tournament at the end of summer. Flag football will be played at Mary Ann Sills Park starting Wednesday September 7th and finishing with a year end tournament on Saturday  October 22nd.

Li’l Hawks program  & Tyke will run on Mondays at 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

Atom Flag Football will run on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 8pm

Registration Fees

Click on the link to register your child for the upcoming Flag Football Season.  Please make sure you fill in all the appropriate information.

Li’l Hawks Division – Registration Fee is $150.00 (includes Team Shirt)

Tyke to Bantam Divisions – Registration Fee is $170.00 (includes Team Shirt)

Refund Policy

Player withdraw from the program prior to the first game will be entitled to a full refund  minus $35 admin fee.  All refund requests must be submitted to our office  by email before first practice in August.  If this fails to happen refund will not be given..

Once games begin in July for the summer league and September in the fall league, there will be NO REFUNDS GIVEN.  In the case of COVID-19, if the season becomes delayed,  shorten or cancelled, the Skyhawks Organization will refund families in accordance of percentage of season remaining.

Skyhawks Code of Conduct

Good sportsmanship is viewed as a commitment to fairplay, ethical behaviour and integrity. The ideals of sportsmanship apply to all activity disciplines. Individuals, regardless of their role, are expected to be aware of their influence on the behaviour of others and model good sportsmanship. Both Football Canada and the Ontario Football Conference have established the policy that the game of football be distinguished by the quality and well mannered behaviour of its coaches, players, administrators and fans. The Skyhawks Football Organization request and expects all participants (coaches, players, administrators and fans) to follow and accept the policy through the following Code of Conduct. PLEASE REVIEW OUR CORE COVENANTS which our organization has been founded upon!

  •  I will remember that young people play sports for their enjoyment, not to entertain us!
  •  I will respect the game officials decision and will encourage all participants to do the same!
  •  I will respect and show appreciation to all Skyhawks participants for their commitment and dedication to providing a quality program in representing the Greater Quinte area!
  •  I will encourage players and coaches to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence!
  •  I will show respect for my teams opponents because I realize there would be no game without them!
  •  I will not use bad language and will not harass athletes, coaches, officials or other spectators!
  •  I will always show good sportsmanship since young people learn best from example!

COVID-19 Return to Play Protocols

Skyhawks Organization along with our parent organization No Limits has prepared a return to play for our Spring/Summer/Fall football programming. The purpose is to identify the specific control measures that we are taking in order to mitigate the risk of virus transmission while participating this fall.

We are working with our PSO, Football Canada and our local public health to ensure a safe return to sport during COVID-19.  All of our resources are found here. https://www.skyhawkscjfl.ca/return-to-play-protocols-2/